Foster Closet of Monroe County


We provide free clothes, toys, books, baby equipment, and bedding to foster and kinship placement families, families living in shelters, and children who have experienced abuse.

We know that it’s not easy to be a foster kid or a foster parent, so we want to help our neighbors as much as we can by bringing a foster closet to Bloomington.

Get Items

We always have clothing, toys, and books, and often we have baby equipment and bedding. Text or email us with the clothing sizes and genders of the children you are raising, and we will provide as much as we can.

Here’s what we typically have available:

  • Children’s and teens’ tops (t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, hoodies) in most sizes
  • Children’s and teens’ pants (jeans, sweats, shorts, and others) in most sizes
  • Some pajamas, underwear, socks, light jackets and winter jackets
  • Some children’s and teens’ shoes
  • Some baby equipment (such as high chairs, carryalls, potty chairs and seats)
  • Toys and stuffed animals
  • Children’s and teens’ books
  • Some bedding (sheets, blankets)

If you have a specific request, and you aren’t sure whether we have it, just ask!

The Foster Closet of Bloomington was started by three women with a long-held interest in supporting foster families. So far, we’ve served 500 children in 220 families.

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